Exhibition ‘Daejeon Documenta 2015’


Daejeon Documenta 2015: Scenery From Life, Realm of Consciousness, and Will of People


Coexisting in both extremes

The new exhibition <Daejeon Documenta 2015: Scenery From Life, Realm of Consciousness, and Will of People> invited our young community-based artists, Min Song Sik and Hong Won Seok, who have been recognized for creating and proposing a new form of modern art at home and abroad. The theme of the exhibition signifies life and art that do not stay on one side; instead, they simultaneously reflect both or multi-side to comprehend and embrace their realm. The artists both do not speak of art by treating the extreme as a leaning place. They convey a message with a unique image and language by boldly crossing each boundary. In their artwork, such experiences and realization from various points in life collide to reveal ‘harmony and balance’ and ‘understanding and caring’ that our modern society desperately needs. In addition, you will be able to discover the passionate commitment of creativity by young artists in Korean world of art.

The invisible realm

The origin of a word ‘scenery’ describes the landscape of our lives. In their artwork, while it stays away from an intact landscape of nature itself, it rather refers to a profound scenery filled with tenderness and sincerity from the view of a life. Secondly, the exhibition speaks of the invisible realm of consciousness that endlessly changes within human-made divisional differences in region, culture, and society. Lastly, ‘people’ refers to wills that breathe and boundlessly progress in such world of scenery and consciousness. ‘Scenery from Life, Realm of Consciousness, and Will of People’ does not describe a person in the physical space that exists in ‘between’ or refer to a painting that expresses that place. Yet, it rather stays in both extremes of a boundary and dissolves their central point. It could be a succinct way for those with confidence, yet it could also be a suffering path that requires a look to left and right in result of its complexity and delicacy.

Organization Description

<dtc GALLERY> is a nonprofit art gallery that utilizes the public space to promote community artists and offer art and culture to visitors by a corporate profit. See more information on the exhibition and the artists.


Daejeon Terminal Complex (Daejeon, South Korea)


2015. 12. 16 ~2016. 2. 15


Min Song Sik

Hong Won Seok

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