Exhibition ‘David Lachapelle-Inscape of Beauty’

A Photographer and his Message

Exhibition ‘Inscape of Beauty’ at Ara Modern Art Museum is full of immense amount of work of David Lachapelle that lead a visitor to another level of hyperrealistic world. Filled with his early fine art photography to the commercial photography project with numerous top-level magazines, the exhibition unfolds the development of the vision and notion of beauty and nature throughout the life of a photographer.

When he started working as a photographer in the beginning, it was all for a living. Then at one point, he reached a crossroad between commercial and fine art photography work and made a major decision to concentrate on pure art photography that is capable of conveying a message as a distinct image without words. He devoted himself to the work of collecting abandoned chemical and recycled products to produce another unconventional photography of a factory zone without digital editing effects. Lachapelle’s approach to photography is rather producing a set like a movie and directing a scenery than simply taking a photography as a record.


Left: <Cameron Diaz: Dollhouse Disaster, Home Invasion>

Right: <Ewan McGregor: Dollhouse Disaster, Love Scorned> Chromoegnic Print 1997


Unbounded Approach

He has been inspired by a wide range of subjects from popular culture to social issues and consumer society. Such apparent expressions of ‘phenomenon’ in his photography is mesmerizing in their own unique ways. They may give you an artificial impression or fairly staged picture, yet most of them were not resulted by CG or photoshop.

The exhibition itself conveyed a very distinctive message and attitude towards society. The way Lachapelle constructed a vision of harmonized colors and the context of the whole photography work where imaginative and realistic components coexist, seemed to contain a delicate configuration. It gave a bold impression that ‘exquisitely building up’ creative minds and thoughts onto the screen paves the way for new kinds of delivering a message as a photography.



<Spiral Jetty>


<Rebirth of Venus>


<Landscape> series





<Land Scape: Pacific Sunset>






<Still Life> series

He photographed vandalized wax figures as series at National Wax Museum at Dublin and worked with the portrait of celebrity to express momentary fame and power


<Seismic Shift>


<Late Summer>


<Wilting Gossip>



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