Exhibition ‘Hidden Memories- Romantic Sublime’ : Oh Yeoun Seok

 The Herb series and ‘cure’

Zaha Museum holds the art exhibition of the artist Oh Yeoun Seok, ‘Hidden Memories- Romantic Sublime’ with drawings and paintings of the ‘Herb series.’ He is well-known for visualizing the process of reassembling disjointed work of sculpting and cutting of a certain text. The broken texts are then reconstructed as an abstraction that becomes the mind-reading. The Herb series mainly contain the signified message of ‘cure’ for the hidden conflict caused by internal and external factors in human memory, fear, or various problems attributed to these condition. The artist wanted to convey a way to heal the illness of the modern mind through comprised flowers, medicinal herb, and text in his artwork – the bio code.; it is the implication of a ‘floral tribute.’

His work does not stay in conveying a fixed image and its meaning through the reappearance of a memory or an object. Rather, he takes ‘analogized impression’ from them and goes through a process of decomposition and re-assembly of the religious scriptures or confession texts and incorporation with an image within his artwork. In result, the abstract composition becomes the presence in between a text to decode and fascination to the audience. It is after all a wish of the artist for the created images to go beyond the quoted textual meaning of his image-text and its aesthetic means, and let them exist in the new space of encounter. The moment of the encounter aims a self-glowing affluence and the pure ‘emptiness,’ awaiting for the light just like a constant dancing and vibrating of human eyes.

Organization Description

As a center for the contemporary art, Zaha Museum mainly introduces the experimental works of talented young artists with great potential. It aims to play a true role as a museum that values the traces of artists’ works and effectively captures them in the exhibition space with a diverse range of genres and their stories.


Seoul, South Korea


2016. 7. 8 ~2016. 7. 31


Oh Yeoun Seok

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