Exhibition ‘Paik Nam June Show’


‘Paik Nam June Show’ at Dongdaemun Design Plaza Museum is a celebration of the traces of Paik Nam June as an art revolution to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his death. As a pioneer of media art and also a philosopher, he portrayed his remarkable passion for the pursuit of global communication through such experimental and creative works with technology. The exhibition was constructed with a question of Paik’s possible approach to the exhibition if he is still alive today. It consists of five different chapters tracing his achievement stories:


conveys human-shaped robots, portraying his hope for the harmonization of technology and human world.


illuminates Paik’s passion of the youth, exhibiting his footprints of drawings and objects.


absorbs and recollects his love as an individual with the video chandeliers consisting of electronic moving images. As a romantic object, the chandelier with candlesticks was reconstructed as a media language beyond its feature of illumination. Its decorative elements that are harmonized with the natural image of ivy convey his love for colorfully changing nature. The TV Cello is incorporated with Paik’s love for music and the spirit of fusion, as its harmonized electronic sound and performance heralded the birth of a new art.


speaks for the splendor and glory of the eternal life. The M200, a huge digital wall with 86 tv monitors, is created to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the death of Mozart. Through the video screen accompanied by the classical to modern music and the appearance of Paik and his colleagues, his philosophy of ‘there is no rewind button for life’ is reflected.


reflects Paik’s philosophy of ‘art is long, life is short.’ A supersized video installation with 166 tv monitors accompanied by 4D imaging technology of D’STRICT team, ‘Turtle’ is his representative work that reflects his unique aesthetics, combining nature and technology with Eastern spirit and western civilization. He treated ‘turtle’ as a motif to create the unfamiliar look, consisting of the architectural and sculptural elements that are widely used throughout his works.

Organization Description

As a center for education and experience, Design Exhibition Hall of DDP examines the world trend and holds art, design, and fashion exhibitions that aim to share and spread creativity and spirit of Korea in design and culture.


Design Exhibition Hall, DDP (Seoul, South Korea)


2016.7.21 ~ 2016.10.30


Paik Nam June



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