Exhibition ‘Pli’ : Yoon Jong-seok

The ‘Pli’

a hidden place, secure place in our heart, secret of mind

The most sophisticated method

Avenuel Art Hall holds the exhibition ‘Pli’ by Yoon Jong-seok, showing the irreplaceable artistic world by creating his own ‘wrinkle’ with ‘point’ and ‘line.’ On the screen of the artist’s artwork, the coexistence of real and illusion, material and non-material, and painting and sculpture is portrayed. Since 2000s, he has been working on ‘marking with a dot’ by inserting the paint into the syringe, which produces the most sophisticated and realistic artwork through the most imaginative method. The form embodied by the dots represents our daily clothing and it shifts to a different object. While the dot-overlapped images simultaneously signify a painting and a sculpture, the shape of a folded clothing implies a metaphor in a poetic form of our surrounding common things, such as a dog, a cat, an ice cream, or a star. The wrinkles of a folded clothing speak for absorbed social value and class made from a clothing, which then creates another form as a new metaphor.

New approach

Alongside the artist’s work of ‘dot,’ his new attempt to work of a ‘line drawing’ will also be on the exhibition. He also recently has tried switching materials and techniques. Lines of the paint that are built up repeatedly to make a thick layer, create new wrinkles and complete the figure of a person. A freely created line consisting of a similar color saturation not only depicts a person realistically, but it also becomes a significant means of expressing its inner world.

This exhibition will offer a great opportunity to evoke our view of the world through the artist’s artworks as they discover our surrounding things and pure and mystical energy within a person by the process of patient endurance.

Organization Description

Avenuel Art Hall is a multiplex cultural space of Korea’s largest department store, offering the best cultural content of a wide variety of popular and professional performance, design, and fashion-collaboration exhibitions. As an open cultural space, it has been providing attractions and entertainment to satisfy the diverse cultural needs of the visitors.


Lotte Avenuel (Seoul, South Korea)


2016. 7. 6 ~2016. 7. 24


Yoon Jong-seok

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