Exhibition ‘Shepard Fairey: Peace and Justice’

Exhibition ‘Shepard Fairey: Peace and Justice’

2017.03.15 ~ 2017.04.30
Seoul Arts Center

Exhibition <Peace and Justice> at Seoul Arts Center consisted of a wide collection of Shepard Fairey’s iconic work in various techniques.

Shepard Fairey, an American graffiti artist and activist, has deeply concentrated in the field of creating an effective ‘imagery’ or occasionally a visual emblem that attempts to reflect social issues surrounding us today. The artist is certainly not trying to persuade or propose a solution, but to expand a link between art and representation. He is particularly known for creating the iconic ‘Hope’ poster with the image of Barack Obama for 2008 U.S. presidential election, composed of solid red, blue, and beige with a concise word such as hope and change.



Since 1989, the art of combining portraits with the artistic techniques such as silkscreens, stencils, illustrations, collages, paintings and so on has embraced profound impression in diverse form of art from guerrilla street art to the famous sticker art campaigns. This process was treated as a sense of drawing visual interest, delivering a message that can be developed further, and potentially ’cause’ an act of discovery and social engagement in culture, peace, society, politics, war and enviroment. Therefore, presenting in the public space carries a great significance in how Fairey’s art is expressed and interacted, as space itself contains power of being observed and witnessed with potential of the rise of public awareness.

The exhibition conveyed the value that the artist pursues- his artistic passion for visual and philosophical communication with the audience.



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