Exhibition ‘New British Inventors: Inside Heatherwick Studio’

Design thinking

The new exhibition of D Museum in Seoul, <New British Inventors: Inside Heatherwick Studio> conveys a comprehensive archive of creative thought process for accomplished projects by the Heatherwick Studio, from various study models and sketches to structural – material experiments; it is mainly focused on delivering their unique process of exploring diverse point of views to reach a conclusion in the design thinking. The exhibition contains three sections- Thinking, Making, and Storytelling, introducing their own idea process and experimental strategies of a project. Lastly, the art installation ‘Spun – Hula!’ commissioned by D Museum gives a unique participating opportunity for visitors to experience an automatic spinning chairs activated by a light sensor. Its auto responding changes to manual as a visitor sits on a chair.

As a visitor, you might always wonder a process of a finalized project because it matters. The experience from this exhibition will draw more new experiences and discoveries of a creative thinking as it breaks down the boundaries of architecture and design.

The creative Heatherwick Studio

The Heatherwick Studio is a definition of creating a unique world of a new design flow. Thomas Heatherwick, a founder of Heatherwick Studio, always has had passion and interest in creative thinking and figurative forms. His passion for giving people a broader influence through everyday living things and spaces has been constantly conveyed in his wide range of work from furniture and product design to architecture and urban design. Through the study of 3D design and mathematics, he came up with a completely new utilization through investigating and testing various materials and their usability.

In order to fulfill a goal of a certain project, the Heatherwick Studio constantly goes through a system of reviewing, criticizing, and asking in-depth questions on all aspects of the project. This process is essential for searching for a core idea and its creative thought process to accomplish a form of an object that is closely combined with the related ideas.

Organization Description

The history goes back to 1996, when Daelim Cultural Foundation established the first photography-specialized museum in Korea – Daelim Museum. In 2016, D Museum was founded to mark the 20th anniversary of Daelim Museum. It has become the most crowded museum in Korea due to its diverse exhibitions of creativity alongside contemporary photography and design. One of the successful elements of driving many young people to the site is its creative and experimental contents. For more information, click here.


Seoul, South Korea


2016. 6. 16 ~2016. 10. 23


Heatherwick Studio

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